Making Sure Your Home Remains Free from Flies

Although flies are common pests, it's natural to not want to share your home with them. In addition to being annoying and looking unsightly, they spend a lot of time on rotting food and faeces. As such, they have the potential to spread viruses and bacteria around. If you want to keep flies out of your property, here are some ways to do so.

Dispose of Food Properly

Food that's starting to rot can soon act as a beacon for flies seeking out a feast. Each time you need to clear plates, make sure you dispose of your food in a waste bin that has a lid. You should also review your cupboards and fridge for perishable food at least once a week. Once you're sure you can no longer eat it, either throw it into a bin or add it to a compost heap. It's particularly important to dispose of rotting fruit quickly, as it doesn't take long for it to attract fruit flies.

Cover Food That You Leave Out

Of course, you won't always eat everything you cook straight away. Whether you're batch cooking or baking, you may leave some food out on the side. Unfortunately, flies aren't just partial to food that rots. They love to land on fresh food too and could transfer particles of unhygienic organic matter they previously landed on. Either cover your food with lids, a cloth, or cling film to keep the flies away. And move it to an alternative storage area such as a fridge as soon as you can.

Install Flyscreens

If you live in an area that's particularly prone to flies you'll want to install flyscreens. For example, anywhere that's close to lakes or stagnant water. Flyscreens allow you to enjoy all the benefits of leaving your windows open for fresh air, without allowing creatures to enter. In some cases, you may need to apply an insecticide.

Try Fly Traps

It's also a good idea to try a fly trap if you live in an area prone to flies. While some come in a sticky single-use format, others include using electricity to kill flies or sonar waves to keep them away. You may want to avoid sonar waves if you have pets, as the sounds they produce can feel distressing for small animals.

If you do have an infestation you can't tackle alone, try using a pest control service. After they get to the root of the problem, they can advise you on preventing it from happening again.

For more information on pest control, contact a company near you.