Ways to Make Your Kitchen Seem Bigger

Not many kitchens are palatial like the ones you might see in movies or on renovation shows. However, you can remodel a compact room to feel more spacious. Here are some tips.

Being Able to See Farther

One material that's handy when you're trying to visually enlarge a kitchen is glass. A glass window or door will let you see beyond the room you're standing in. Being able to see further will prevent a sense of claustrophobia and make an area seem roomier. A glass door may lead to a garden view, creating a connection to nature. Alternatively, it may allow you to see into other rooms in the house, giving the sense of an open-plan design.

Glass-panelled upper cabinetry doors also subtly give the feeling of extra space, as you can see into the cupboard. Conversely, opaque cabinet doors visually form a wall closer than the actual wall, so the room will naturally feel smaller.

Reflecting Light and Space

You can also make use of the shiny quality of glass to evoke spaciousness. Polished surfaces bounce light around a room to brighten it up so that it seems larger. A glass splashback lets you choose different back-painted colours — pick paler hues to make a room feel bigger. You could alternatively install a mirrored tile splashback or place a decorative mirror on other walls. They'll give a sense of dimension and depth.

Reducing Visual Clutter

Clutter can make a room seem crowded and cramped. Conversely, you can create the opposite effect by reducing clutter. One approach is to install handleless cupboards and drawers. Opt for a push-open mechanism or a grooved door. Without handles, you'll notice the material and finish of the cabinets more. You'll appreciate smooth dark-chocolate doors or warm-toned faux timber fronts without the handles interrupting their look. Plus, the cabinetry will be more streamlined without handles protruding into the limited room area.

Avoid a Top-Heavy Look

If a kitchen has a top-heavy look, it can feel closed in. You can avoid this by designing the upper parts of the room to be as airy and light as possible. For example, if you want to install dark colours, reserve them for the lower regions. Lay timber planks on the floor, or install navy lower cupboards and white upper ones, for instance.

You might get rid of upper cabinetry on several walls altogether. Do this by building floor-to-ceiling cupboards on one wall only while leaving the other walls bare. The room will tend to feel bigger without the high cabinets bearing down on you as you stand in the kitchen. For more information, contact a kitchen renovation service.