Benefits of Installing Exterior Awnings Around Your Home

If you're looking for a way to upgrade your home's exterior, you might consider installing exterior awnings. To discover their benefits, read on. 

Sun-Blocking Power

Installing awnings over your windows will shade them from the sun and help to lower air conditioning costs. Hot glass panes that emanate heat can inadvertently turn regular rooms into sunrooms. Awnings, though, will block the sun before it reaches the windows. They work differently to indoor window coverings like curtains and blinds, which allow the sun to heat the glass. If you fit exterior awnings, your rooms will be cooler, and you can turn down the air conditioner while remaining comfortable.

Versatile Opening Options

Awnings are versatile window coverings, as you can adjust them in different ways to achieve various effects. You can pull them out slightly so they form a peak like on a hat. Or you can extend them entirely over the windows. They don't sit right against the window but angle outwards, so rooms don't tend to feel closed and claustrophobic. You can enjoy privacy from the street while retaining a view underneath and to the side of the awnings. You could open the window and let the air flow inside if you wish while shading the window and your room from direct sunshine. Conversely, if you close indoor blinds and curtains, you'll have no view at all.

Offer Rain Protection

Awnings also protect your windows from rain. You can open them at an angle to block falling rain but retain a view. Over a patio, you could install a large retractable awning so you can enjoy being outside even in wet weather. And you can retract the awning at other times if you want sunshine on the patio.

Decorate Your Home's Exterior

Awnings are available in many fabrics, colours and designs, allowing you to harmonize them with your home's facade. You could install a classic striped design or a pale cream. You can repeat the exterior wall's colour or create a dash of contrast. For example, if your home's siding is beige cement render, you could install navy blinds for a smart look or fit matching beige awnings.

Awnings flatter different home styles. They can give a traditional romantic look to a home, especially in white or blue colours. But awnings also suit contemporary homes. Some minimalist buildings can look dull, and awnings provide attractive accents. 

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