3 Reasons Why a Shower Screen is the Perfect Choice For Your Child's Bathroom

Keeping a child's bathroom clean, tidy and free of hazards is a chore many parents dread. Why not make your job easier by switching your child's shower curtain for a glass shower screen? Here are three reasons why they're perfect for kids' bathrooms.

1. They're Easy to Keep Clean

If your child is like most children, their shower curtain probably seems to get dirty impossibly quickly. Whether they're collecting soap scum or getting shampoo squirted all over them, kids shower curtains tend to need cleaning more often than adults' do. And while shower curtains are waterproof, they're often surprisingly hard to clean. Many get brittle in the washing machine if the heat setting is too cold or deformed if it's too hot.

Wiping a shower curtain thoroughly is also easier said than done. If you wipe it while it's hanging up, you risk tearing it; if you want to take it down to wipe it, good luck finding a space big enough to lay it out. Shower screens, on the other hand, are much easier to clean. Glass cleaner and a cloth are all you need to wipe away all the filth, and you won't need to worry about damaging the screen in the process.

2. They're Less Likely to Get Mouldy

While shower curtains are water-resistant, they tend to attract a lot of mould, mildew and other moisture-related problems. This can be a problem in any bathroom, but in a child's bathroom, it can be a real worry for parents. Mould can be dangerous, carrying health risks like breathing problems and skin irritation. If you want to keep your child safe from mould and mildew, shower screens are the way to go. It's very difficult for mould to grow on the glass, especially given how easy it is to wipe away any growth. All you need to do is pay attention to the rubber seal, making sure you clean it often.

3. They're Made to Measure

Since children's bathrooms are often smaller and more awkwardly shaped than their adult counterparts, it can be difficult to fit fixtures into them. That isn't the case with shower screens, though. Many are available made-to-measure, which means you can get them cut to fit snugly into a bathroom of any size. As an added benefit, having a tightly-fitted shower screen will reduce water spills in your child's shower, further reducing clean up time and mould growth.