Small But Important Details of a Kitchen Renovation You Don't Want to Overlook

When you're ready to renovate a kitchen, you want to take your time to plan and ensure you don't overlook any details of that renovation project. Even the smallest mistake or poor choice for a surface can mean a new kitchen that you actually hate, rather than one you love and look forward to using for years. Note a few small but important details of a kitchen renovation you don't want to overlook, so you are sure to create a space that's perfect for you and the family.

Make sure you have enough outlets

Having a nice collection of small kitchen appliances can be a great help for food prep, but if you don't have enough outlets in the kitchen, they can actually become cumbersome to use. You might also find that you frequently trip circuits when you have a limited number of outlets for cooking. A kitchen renovation is a great opportunity to run the wiring needed for new outlets and to create separate circuits for them, so you can easily use all your small appliances in the kitchen.

Note the maintenance of flooring and benchtop surfaces

You may be in love with the look of a butcher-block benchtop or a certain stone for flooring, but always check on the maintenance that would be needed for any materials. Stone may absorb food stains and need constant cleaning and sealing, and butcher-block surfaces may get nicks, cuts and scratches, and need sanding and then refinishing. Other materials like granite and porcelain can be durable, but they too will usually need regular polishing and professional cleaning. Don't shop by appearance or price alone, but consider the long-term costs and work involved in maintaining any of these surfaces for your new kitchen.

Be careful of too much colour

Colour in a kitchen can make the space inviting and uniquely your own, but consider if you can live with strong and bold colour choices every day, or if they might easily overpower the space. For example, you may love the look of bright yellow cabinets when you see them in a magazine, but in your own space, you may soon get tired of having that much yellow in the kitchen. A better choice is to stick to neutral colours for cabinetry and appliances, and then add a splash of colour on the walls or even in your new pots and pans. You can then easily change these colours with a fresh coat of paint or some new cookware without having to go through an entire kitchen renovation all over again.