How to Improve Your Lawn

If you want to improve the quality of your lawn, then there is one key ingredient that you will require above all others: grass. Lawns that are not in good condition will often suffer from a lack of luscious, verdant grass. The reasons for this can be many. For example, you may have a poor quality topsoil or you might suffer from lots of shade which often causes patches of grass rather than a uniform lawn. Whatever the problem that has caused your lawn to deteriorate, follow the tips below in order to make your garden as good as any in the neighbourhood.

  • Aeration

One of the keys to growing grass successfully is to have a topsoil which is thoroughly aerated. Without creatures moving through the soil, such as earthworms, the grass of your lawn will find it harder to grow roots. In order to aerate your lawn, you should use a fork to create small holes all over its service area. You don't need to push down hard. Just place the prongs into the soil at regular intervals. A scarifier, which you can buy from most DIY stores, is another good option for aerating your soil well.

  • Raking

A normal garden rake is something that is essential for gardeners who want to improve their lawn. Use the rake in the winter months to clear away things that will stop your grass from growing successfully in the early spring period. Clear away leaves and mulch and stones which might have fallen onto your lawn to give the grass the best chance of growing. In springtime, when your garden might be wetter than usual due to rain showers, it is possible for moss to take hold where you would prefer to see grass. Raking is by far the best way of removing moss from your lawn because some moss killers can hurt your grass, too.

  • Mowing

When you have grass that is making a comeback on a lawn, it is important not to let it grow too high. If so only certain patches will become established and the garden will start to look untidy. It is better to have your grass even height so that newly growing shoots have a chance of seeing the sunlight, too. Ride-on mowers present the best solution if you have a large lawn to maintain. Some can also be fitted with attachments which will also help you to keep the topsoil aerated as your drive over the lawn. Remove the clippings to ensure new grass shoots have the best chance of growing through.