Five Tips To Achieving Perfection In Small Gardens.

Gardens can be the crowning glory of any home. A beautiful and well maintained outdoor space, is an ideal held by most property owners and tenants alike. But what to do when your space is slightly lacking in size? Don't panic! You can achieve a perfectly preened and aesthetically pleasing slice of outdoor luxury, even if the space you are working with is more compact than king size. Follow these five simple steps to achieving a glorious garden or yard, in spite of it's size.

1. Learn the art of pot plants

Pot plants are a stylish and space saving alternative to bedding plants and borders. If your space is small or if you have only a yard with no actual greenery, opt for a few well placed pots instead. There are many designs and types of potting, from plastic and wood, to metal and ceramic. Selecting a style and size that fits perfectly in your garden will be a simple task, and any number of color schemes can be created with the wide variety of potting plants available. Utilize any unused surfaces and arrange your pots to provide a splash of colour and flare to otherwise dull and boring yards or gardens.

2. Erect a pergola for climbing plant perfection

For gardens that are on the smaller side, erect a pergola to provide some much needed greenery. You may not have the space for flower beds and shrubs, so a pergola is a perfect solution. It allows for the vertical growing of many species of plants and will add a touch of life to your garden without taking up your already limited space. There are many species of climbing plants and flowers for you to choose from, so you are sure to find something that suits your space and climate. Pergolas come in many shapes and styles, so choosing a suitable one that will compliment your garden should be easy.

3. Think smart solutions to storage problems

Numerous possessions and clutter can crowd a small outdoor space,  giving the appearance of an area being even more limited than it actually is. Storage is a must for all yards and gardens, but for those that are spaciously challenged, smart storage is an absolute necessity. You will require somewhere to keep belongings such as tools and garden supplies or similar posessions. To limit any impact on your existing space, invest in a shed or storage compartment that will fit into any small, unused or obscure areas that your garden may have. For added appeal, use screens or trellises to hide unsightly bins and garbage cans.  

4. Maintenance is mandatory

One of the advantages of having a smaller garden or outdoor space, is that the required maintenance is drastically reduced. It is however, still very important. Any weeds that sprout between paving, or overgrown pots and shrubbery, will drastically detract from any aesthetic appeal and appear more prominent in limited spaces. Keep up to date with any maintenance tasks to keep your garden in tip top condition and maintain that well loved and cared for appearance. 

5. Stay seated and enjoy your outdoor area

The purpose of achieving a beautiful and well kept yard or garden of any size, is to enable you as the occupier to enjoy it. There is no point in putting in the effort and care, if you simply don't get to appreciate the fruits of your labour. Create some seating or an area in which you can relax and enjoy your outdoor space. For gardens that are small in size, there are many varieties of seating available that don't require a huge amount of room. Try opting for a small bench or barista table and two chairs. With very little work you will have a perfect outdoor retreat to sit back and watch the world go by.