Enjoy Peace Of Mind Whilst On Holiday With These Six Tips To Boost The Security Of Your Home.

You've planned your trip or holiday with precision and detail, and are now expectantly awaiting your day of departure. But amid all the excitement, have you thought about your home's security whilst you are not there? Nobody wants to return from a break away, to find their home plundered and there valuables looted. Follow these six steps to ensure you home is secure and deter any potential intruders.

1. Radio silence.

Never discuss your trip or holiday on social media. Often people will describe detailed information of not only their daily excursions, but their expected time of departure/arrival. This announces to the world that your home is or will be vacant. You may want to share your excitement with family and friends, but this acts as a huge advertisement in neon lights, to those whose motives are less than wholesome. Take lots of photos and share them with your online friends and family upon your return instead. If you can't resist providing your nearest and dearest with a blow by blow account of events as and when they happen, use email or instant messaging instead. 

2. Law enforcement.

Inform your local law enforcement or neighbourhood watch scheme of the dates for your trip or holiday. Most police/neighbourhood watch schemes will happily oblige and send a patrol car to regularly check on your property. The likelihood is that potential intruders will be discouraged by their visible presence in the area alone.

3. Nosy Neighbours.

The near extinct art of neighbourly concern (or nosiness), is a useful safety measure. If you are on good terms with your neighbours and know or trust them well, ask them to keep a watchful eye on your home when you are not there. They can often be the first to notice when a situation just doesn't seem right and can alert law enforcement should anything suspicious arise. If you are really familiar with them, give your neighbour a key to pop in regularly and check that all is well inside your home. Any potential intruders may be put off by the sheer presence of concerned (nosy) neighbours alone.

4. Go automatic.

Use Somfy automated blinds if possible. These are not only a stylish addition to your home but are a great tool for boosting security. These blinds are automatic and convenient for every day use, but more importantly can be set to open and close at specific times whilst you are not at home. This adds to the illusion that your home is occupied. A burglar is less likely to to attempt a home invasion if they think there are people inside. For extra security, invest in some automatic, timed light switches. 

5. Increase the difficulty.

Make the invasion of your home a difficult task for any potential intruders. Do not leave ladders or steps within easy reach, and ensure any tools are kept under lock and key.  Realistically, all and security measures can be compromised, but the time taken to gain entry to you home will be the real security provided by bolts and locks. A sturdy double locking door will take a greater length of time to penetrate; this applies to windows also.The longer an intruder takes to gain entry to your home, the greater the likelihood of being caught and they will likely not stick around to finish what they started.

6. Sound the alarm.

Invest in a good alarm system. Not only will this alert the security company to an invasion of your home, but any intruders will likely be put of by the sound alone and disappear before they have a chance to make off with any of your valuables. For added safety, you may consider installing real or mock CCTV cameras.  Ensure these appear realistic enough (if they are not already) to act as a deterrent to any potential burglars.