Key Considerations When You Are Buying a Zero Turn Mower

Lawn mowers are indispensable tools when it comes to lawn care. These machines are used to cut grass to size so that the lawn can look well-manicured all year round. Zero turn mowers are revered for their ability to easily turn full circle because their drive wheels can pivot at tighter angles. This manoevrability is one of the biggest selling points for these mowers. If you want to buy the best zero turn mower for your lawn but don't know how to go about making the right choice, you should continue reading. Below are some key things you will need to take into consideration to ensure you purchase a zero turn mower that is just right for your use.

Deck size and location

The size and location of the cutting deck is always going to greatly impact your grass-cutting jobs. Mowers with large cutting decks are able to get the job done in fewer passes. If you have a large open lawn with minimal obstacles, buy a lawn mower with the broadest deck. But if you need to mow lawns that have numerous obstacles, such as flower beds, footpaths, trees and shrubs, it will be a bit of a challenge to operate a mower with a very big deck. Here, you will need to make a compromise between ensuring easy manoevrability and cutting the grass in the fewest passes possible.

There are various deck options you can choose from including rear discharge decks, out-front decks, side discharge decks, and so forth. If you are interested in catching grass clippings during the mowing job, rear discharge decks would make a practical choice, as cutting blades spew the grass through the centre of the machine. If you don't need to catch the grass as you mow, a side discharge deck would be an ideal choice. Therefore, make sure to take the location of the cutting deck into account.

Engine capacity

Lawn mower engines come in different sizes and horsepower. Choosing a correct-size machine with the right horsepower is going to be crucial, especially if you have a sizeable lawn. If you buy a lower capacity engine, then it will be strained by your mowing requirements and it will therefore wear down prematurely. If you go for a higher capacity engine, it will save you well, but it will cost you more than is necessary to operate. Assess your lawn mowing needs ahead of time so you can end up with a correct size machine that works efficiently but is also cost-effective to use.


Money is always going to be an issue when you are buying a zero turn mower. Avoid the temptation of settling for the cheaper varieties, as they tend to wear down early or require frequent maintenance and repair service, thus leading to high life cycle costs. There are so many affordable models that can meet your exact mowing requirements. You just need to do your research well.

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