How to Prevent Overheating While Sleeping on a Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are incredibly comfortable since they actively mould themselves around your body, distributing body weight evenly to make you feel like you're lying on nothing at all. This has made them a popular option, but some people find that their memory foam mattresses are hotter than traditional alternatives. Some people naturally sleep a little hotter than others, and memory foam mattresses aren't quite as good at dispersing that heat, which means it can simply be reflected back against your body.

However, this is no need to give up on the advantages that come with a memory foam mattress. Here are just a few things you can do to avoid feeling too hot at night.

Use Cotton Sheets

The type of sheets that you use are just as important as the mattress when it comes to regulating body temperature, and it's best to go for cotton. Cotton sheets are already prized for their softness, but they're also great for those who get warm at night because natural fibres are very breathable and are great at wicking sweat away from the body. Synthetic sheets tend to trap heat, so look for 100% cotton. Silk sheets are also perfect, but they come with a much higher price tag!

Find the Right Mattress Cover

You'll want to cover your memory foam mattress with a mattress cover, and there should be plenty of options out there that are perfect for keeping you cool. Look for a cover boasting fibres that have been engineered for breathability. These will draw moisture away from your skin while you sleep in order to keep you cool.

Wash Your Sheets and Mattress Cover Regularly

Now you have the right sheets and mattress cover, you need to make sure you regularly run them through the washing machine. Though it might sound odd since your body is at rest, you actually sweat quite a lot when you are sleeping, and plenty of that sweat is absorbed by the sheets and mattress cover. Regular washing is necessary to maintain proper hygiene, and removing the moisture that has built up will make the material more breathable.

Take a Cool Shower or Bath Before Sleeping

Finally, try taking a cool shower or bath before you get into bed. This will reduce your own body temperature enough to make sleep more enjoyable. However, don't feel the need to take an ice bath; going uncomfortably cold will only cause your body to heat up in order to protect itself. If you don't have time, run your wrists under the cold water tap.