Tips To Help You Choose The Most Suitable Shutter Louvers For Your Windows

The louver style of your shutters affects the appearance of your house, as well as the extent to which the shutters will meet your needs. It's important that you choose the right louvers for your shutters so as to get optimal benefits. Below are tips to help you choose the right shutter louvers for your house windows.

Louvers and Room Size

The size of louvers you choose for your shutters does affect the appearance of a room. Also, the size of each room greatly determines the best size of louvers to use. You should choose a louver size that matches up with the room size so as to create a sense of compatibility in the room interiors.

For instance, a room that is bigger than normal and has a soaring ceiling would have a great aesthetic appearance if wide louvers are used on the shutters. Wide louvers for big rooms can be about 3.5 inches wide. In contrast, the appeal of normal-sized rooms is enhanced by louvers of a smaller width, and Houzz advises that a 2.5 inch width is ideal.

Louvers for Privacy

The type of louvers you choose for your window shutters will affect the amount of privacy you can achieve. Some louver designs are better for privacy than others. So it is advisable to invest in louvers that offer good privacy, especially in some rooms, such as bathrooms and bedrooms.

For instance, louvers designed in a double hung fashion and that have a mid-section divider are good for privacy. This design means that the top and bottom louvers are controlled separately at the mid-section divider. As a result, it's possible to give the lower louvers more closure than the upper louvers. This means that you can close and block out the view on the bottom side of your window while the upper louvers of the window remain open to let in light.  

Louvers and Window Size

It's best to use louvers that match up to the size of your windows. For example, medium-sized louvers let in a lot of light and are often ideal for small windows. Also, the ability of the shutters to let in more light makes a window look bigger, which is an added advantage for small windows.

Also, if you use the right louvers for your windows, the shutters will regulate heat and light in the room appropriately. So if you don't know the best type of shutter louvers to buy for the size of your windows, consult a professional to guide you through when choosing your shutters.  

The type and style of shutter louvers you choose for your windows determines how well the shutters will serve you. You may want to use the tips above to help you chose the right louvers for your window shutters.