6 Basic Hardware Tools Everyone Should Have In Their Home

Despite what you may have heard or may know, hardware tools are not just for tradies. Every tenant or homeowner needs to own a set of several basic hand tools. These tools are vital for day-to-day repairs or adjustments around the house. They are easy to use, even for an amateur, and they will save you from being at the mercy of a tradie every time something needs a little fixing around the house.

Read on to see what these 6 must-have hardware tools are, and what you can use them for.


A hammer is one of the most versatile hand tools to have. You can use it to build wooden fixtures, to drive exposed nails into furniture, to remove nails from wood, and to dismantle wooden furniture. If you are undertaking any sort of building work, chances are that you'll need a hammer somewhere along the process.

Screwdriver set

Screwdrivers help you to fasten and loosen screws with ease. And because there are numerous types of screws in use around the house, don't just go for one screwdriver; buy a set instead. You can either go for multiple screw driver units or just one unit with replaceable bits. Screw drivers will help you to carry out diverse chores, from fastening the cooking pan handle to opening electrical equipment and even assembling furniture.


Pliers can perform multiple functions as well. They can provide a vice-like grip around any object, they can cut, and they can pull. At home, pliers will come in handy when you need to cut cables or wires, when you need to pry out nails or screws, and when you want to grip nuts or bolts as you fasten or loosen them.


A tester is a special type of screwdriver. It helps to detect current from electrical connections. All you have to do is place the tip on an electrical surface. If there's a live current passing through it, a small bulb within the handle will light up. At home, a tester will assist you to check if naked electrical wires are dangerous. It will also help you to ascertain if electrical equipment such as power points, plugs and extensions are working.

Spanner/wrench set

Spanners can either have open ends, closed rings, or one of each. Just like with screwdrivers, you should have a set of spanners at home. These will be resourceful when you need to fasten or loosen bolts and nuts around items like your bed, bikes, motorcycles, assembled furniture, piping, car wheels, etc.

Tape Measure

Last, but not least, have a tape measure around. A tape is handy when you need to measure distances and dimensions. At home, a tape will help you measure what size of carpet, furniture, cabinets or other items when making installations or renovations. 

With the above tools, you'll be able to handle small chores around the house like a pro. To get any of the above items, just pop into a hardware store and head for the 'tools' section.