Different Types of Antennas to Install and Enhance Your TV Viewing Experience

The choice of TV antennas largely depends on the location, the desired reception quality and the surroundings from which it is installed. For instance, a person living in a hilly region may require a different TV antenna from someone living in the suburbs because of ground elevation and altitude. The type of antenna you choose will determine the clarity of the TV signal that you receive from your location; therefore you should be keen so as to choose the best.

This article discusses the different types of TV antennas that you can install in your home so as to enhance your signal reception and TV viewing experience.

 Indoor Antennas

These types of antennas are usually packaged together with the television and this partially explains why they are very common. Unlike the other types of antennas such as multi-directional, digital and amplified antenna, indoor antennas are easy to install because all you need is to plug them on the TV terminal and position them on a place of your choice such as the top of the TV, entertainment center or shelf. In urban and sub-urban areas, these antennas can be used perfectly well because the television signals in these areas is usually stronger than in the countryside. 

Multi-Directional Antennas

Multi-directional antennas are usually installed in heavily populated areas and locations that receive multi-signals from different directions. For a great reception, these antennas are mounted on the roof tops of houses in the urban and peri-urban areas and also fitted in recreational vehicles used by vacationers.  Some of the multi-directional antennas rotate as they pick up the signals from every angle.

Digital High-Definition (HD) Antennas

 A majority of broadcast stations relay high-definition signals to their viewers in order to enhance the image quality. To receive these signals, the viewers must have two things; a HD television and a digital high-definition antenna. This antenna unlike the vhf (very high frequency) and uhf (ultrahigh frequency) captures HD signals and whenever these signals are not available, it can pick the standard signals instead. Therefore, anyone who is having a HD TV should consider installing a digital HD antenna.

Amplified Antennas

This is an antenna that picks up weak TV signals and enhances their clarity and intensity through external power without altering them. Amplified antenna work with any type of TV and are best installed in areas that do not have strong TV signals because of their remoteness from base transmitter systems (BTS).

In addition to these antennas, you can also receive signals from directional antenna and satellite dishes from The Antenna Man.